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Odour Remediation & Odour Removal with PurAyr™

Eliminate odours at the source quickly and safely with Pure Environmental and PurAyr™

Our odour removal experts will assist you with your odour issues anywhere is Southern Ontario by using our PurAyr™ technology.
PurAyr is an “Advanced Oxidation Process” (AOP) that neutralizes and eliminates odours.

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PurAyr™ Odor Remediation

Remove, reduce, eliminate and remediate odours from common causes such as:

Pure Air Odour Control and Remediation

About Our PurAyr™ R-15 Technology

The PurAyr R-15 is based on a commercially used decontamination method called Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), also known as photocatalysis. During this process, the UV light and Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles are used to generate extremely high levels of Ozone (O3), Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Hydroxyl Radicals (*HO). As these oxidative gases react and break down the organic compounds into simple elements, they fall harmlessly back into Oxygen (O2). The PurAyr process is essentially speeding up time, rapidly oxidizing odours, bacteria and VOCs without the use of chemicals. The PurAyr R-15 uses a five-phase process for photocatalysis:

  1. HEPA air filtration intake (removes particulates and protects equipment)
  2. Germicidal irradiation (UV light)
  3. Reduction-oxidation (called Redox)
  4. Electrochemical production of trivalent oxygen (O3) and vapour phase hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
  5. Production of hydroxyl radicals

The science behind the PurAyr R-15 is in use in various industries for many beneficial applications, including self-cleaning glass, water disinfection, crude oil, and more.

Pur Ayr R15

Remove & Eliminate Common Smells

Nothing can ruin a home like a bad smell. We work to eliminate common odours for homeowners and business operators.

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